​The magazine Chicago deserves.

Celebrated by critics and readers, the depth and strength of Chicagoly's storytelling is unmatched in this city. ​Don't miss another issue.


The Features

The ​foundation of each issue is sharp,
original features built to inform,
influence, ​and inspire.

Our Past

A walk down Chicago's memory lane
with historian Richard Lindberg, who
regales readers with a compelling
moment of Chicago history.


On These Streets

Numerous big Hollywood names were
born and bred here. In this narrative, they
tell you all about it.


A slice-of-life profile that shows you
behind the curtain of the lives of
Chicago's best and brightest influencers.

What Now?

A fan-favorite Chicago ​athlete is profiled in
this where-are-they-now feature.


Every Chicago neighborhood has a
story, and we walk the streets and tell
one each issue.

​And that's not all. We have briefs on recent Chicagoland headlines, interviews with
Chicago authors, listings of stage performances, notes on popular books, and more.

Don't miss out.

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