The newest voice in America's greatest city

provides a compelling quarterly vehicle for residents to consume in-depth storytelling, unique commentary, and inspiring narratives from the top new and seasoned writers in Chicagoland. A dedication to the written word and innovative ideas allow the magazine to explore the topics, people, and places most important to its readers: Chicagoans. Hear from Chicago’s most prominent natives; read about our politics, society, and perspective; and learn about the events, literature, and arts and entertainment available to you.

– Joe Coughlin, Publisher

A look inside Chicagoly's editorial departments, which detail the rich and interesting stories of Chicagoland and its residents.

The Features.

The hallmark of Chicagoly are the resilient and sharp articles that offer insight, color, and commentary on news topics and cultural issues important to the residents of America’s greatest city. Read about politics, business, technology, public policy, and society from bright and talented voices.

It’s Happening.

A compilation of short commentaries on relevant news and decisions that affect Chicagoans. Created by Chicagoly staffers and Publisher Joe Coughlin, the feature is a recap of recent policies, opinions, and events to kick start Chicagoly.

What Now?

We check in with Chicago’s favorite sportsmen and women of days gone by and detail their time in Chicago before leading up to what they are doing today.


Seasoned journalist and newspaper exec Alan P. Henry steps into the shoes of some of Chicago’s most intriguing and important people for a short time before recapping the experience in a genuine and charming slice-of-life piece.

Our Past.

Renowned Chicago historian and author Richard Lindberg takes readers down a nostalgic path to the past as he re-examines—while explaining the current and past ramifications—monumental events, whether they are well-known or obscure, of Chicago’s past that occurred during the months the issue represents.

On These Streets.

Prominent Chicago natives—like Winnetka’s Chris O’Donnell and Chicago’s Joe Mantegna—relive their childhood home and neighborhood, with significant detail, telling the local story of where and how they grew up.

Language Art.

With the skill and tact of a professor, grammar expert Amanda Jacobs examines and breaks down topics involving the English language and how they are treated in society.


Chicago’s social, economic, and physical landscapes are constantly evolving, as neighborhoods take turns growing and expanding in popularity and population. Each issue, award-winning writer Jamie Lynn Ferguson walks the streets of a different community and takes readers with her.

Where to find Chicagoly.

Chicagoly magazine is available on newsstands at select locations across Chicagoland.

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